Vote Mark Nichols for Ward 1

Inclusive Representation. Mobility for All.

What I’m About

My vision for City Hall is best summed up as inclusive representation. I believe there are significant unaddressed needs in Ward 1 and the city as a whole, most notably when it comes to personal mobility, and I want to help address them.

In this spirit, mobility for all is at the heart of my campaign. I see the ability of all residents to move about the city, by whichever means they choose, as a core responsibility of Council. Anything less denies full inclusion in the community to many citizens.

In Ward 1, I have seen the impact of unaddressed mobility needs on recent immigrants, seniors, students, disabled people, and those who cannot afford private transportation. Many must take on significant debt to own a private vehicle, often doing so at the expense of basic needs, such as groceries, heat, housing, and medications.

Better public transit, along with better pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, would enable those who do not own a car or have other mobility challenges to participate fully in everyday life: a basic condition of citizenship. Moreover, the entire community would benefit from diverse options for moving around our city.

Even drivers benefit from good public transit, safe sidewalks, active transportation, and outdoor recreation infrastructure that is accessible year-round. These amenities give everyone choices about their daily journeys. They also reduce traffic congestion and pollution, enhance property values, and contribute to safer streets for all.

If elected, I will serve as a full-time councillor and make myself accessible and responsive to all residents of Ward 1. I am committed to listening to all residents, especially those whose voices, all too often, go unheard.

Indeed, that’s why I’ve announced my candidacy early. I want to allow plenty of time to listen to the concerns and priorities of Ward 1 residents, to hear from as many people as possible before election day in September about the issues that matter to you, so that I can work toward creating the kind of neighbourhood and city you want to live in.